Weed Vaporizers To Avoid Combustion

If you have been searching the internet, binging and googling everything you can think of trying to find vaporizer weed pens for sale online, then you are in the right place, because we have been reviewing all of the different weed pens on the marketplace and rating them for your reviewing pleasure. When it comes to purchasing a high quality, well made marijuana vapor pen that is going to work consistently and effectively to vaporize your herbal blends at the push of a button, you get what you pay for just like with any other marketplace. This one is no different, and you would be smart to recognize how to research these products so that you get the highest quality products available on the current market. There are plenty of ways to accomplish this, from reading online review sites to subscribing to magazines to get the latest product reviews from experts around the industry. The marijuana industry is growing at an extremely rapid pace, so please keep that in mind when you are looking for your next vaporizer to use.

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How To Use A Weed Vaporizer Correctly

If your weed vape is a pen style unit, then you will likely first have to unlock the battery, which can be done by quickly pressing the power button down five times really fast. Once the device has been fully unlocked, the next step is to power the unit on, which is done by pressing the power button down again, and some vape pens make you hold it in or press it 3 times, depending on the type of unit. Once the unit is powered on then you have to wait for it to heat up, and once it reaches full vaporization temperatures, which can take anywhere from 10 to 45 seconds depending on the quality of the unit, then all you have to do is gradually inhale the vapor into your lungs, and then hold it for a few seconds, just like with regular marijuana smoking, and then exhale. This is the proper way to use a weed vaporizer, but of course there will be some slight variations depending on the style and design of the product that you’re using. If you have any questions about how to best use these products, then feel free to reach out to us using the information on our contact us page, and we will get back to you with some of our personal recommendations.

Key Advantages Of Vaporizing Marijuana Vs. Smoking

  • Better for your long term health. Lets face it, smoking is bad for you, period. But, vaping is not as bad. So why would you smoke in today’s day and age when you can simply vape?
  • Releases less harmful toxins and byproducts. Since you are only heating up the herbs to the point where they release the active compounds, it’s not as bad for your respiratory system, so please keep that in mind.
  • Much more flavor when you inhale compared to smoking. Since vaporization doesn’t burn the herb, it tastes a lot better, and this is one of the very first things that people notice when they first switch over to vaping their weed.

Extra Facts About Marijuana Vaping Benefits

These are only a few of the key advantages to vaping your marijuana vs. smoking it t

Best Way To Buy A Vape Pen

Pen vaporizer sales are on the rise, this means there needs to be more demand for quality and effective produces. When you buy a pen vaporizer, there’s two things that could happen as far as technology; 1) You end up pay next to nothing for an all-in-1 cheap vape pen which will come with not-so-good quality in the metal of the atomizers which will end up combusting your herbs or other concentrates you try to use inside the atomizers; 2) You end up reading online a lot about technology and you find out the way to shop for the best cheap vape pens by purchasing vaporizers the expertise in their type of materials it can vaporizers by purchasing these one by one. An example would be buying a quality herbal pen vaporizer around $100 and you also want the wax feature, so you pay around $80 for a good quality wax pen vaporizer like the Dr. Dabber Ghost vaporizer and now you’d have a great wax pen vaporizer. When it comes to herbs, you will want to buy a vaporizer like the Atmos Orbit and expect to pay around $100 – $130 (depending which retailer you’d use). I’d recommend with going with vaporizerChief for your vaping products since they seam to have good prices that are reasonable.

When you add up the math on your purchasing experience, smart consumers end up investing a little more but actually saving a lot more in the long run which actually beats paying the prices of buying all-in-one vaporizers which don’t have matching atomizers for the heating technology needed to use each specific type of substance intended on vaping.

Heating Elements
The main thing when it comes down to getting your vaporizers to work the best is the heating element. Each type of atomizer should be specic to its heating element. With a good atomizer, it is important to step in making a wie investment when it comes down to the quality. The best wax atomizers for your waxy concentrates are one with grade 2 titanium metal lined with Quartz Crystal glass. Quartz Crystal glass is the best type of glass to use, it leaves no hot spots and has no heating that makes the inside of the atomizer uneven providing the best burn for each and every single session you have for your atomizer. Herbal atomizers are called herb chambers, when it comes down to vaping the herbs, the downside for all-in-one vape pen kits is the fact that they just use one type of heating which is conduction. Conduction heating is like a car lighter heater, you put the botanical directly on top of the atomizer for you to be able to draw out the vapor. Unfortunately, for herbs, the conduction heating only vapes a side of the herbs loaded inside. It will also burn the herbs rendering vaping useless. Anodized convection heating elements are what they’re called when it comes to an herbal chamber. This is created when the user inhales and the air vortexes throughout the heating chamber from the air-ventilation. This is the best type of heating to get when you’re vaping with an herbal vape pen.

Variations Of Heating Elements
There are different types of variations to look into when it comes down to having a good vaporizer that will do the job for the specific vape pen you’re using whether it is for herbs, waxes or oils. Heating variations are the most important thing you need to look for when it comes down to owning a really high quality vape pen. A vaporizer that uses just a standard heating element which would be a conduction heating element is a useless one when you add in the fact you’re using and intending to use it for herbs. Typically all wax pen vapes are made with conduction vaporization, so the main thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the fact you have to get one with a high quality atomizer. The best quality atomizers are the ones that can do a lot, with a little. This maximizes the efficiency the wax vaporizer can produce and reduces the amount of energy needed for you to vaporize. Wax vape pens with variable voltage or even wattage settings with the battery are great ones to go with, you can control the amount of heating coming in when you have different viscosity substances to use when you’re vaping which better optimizes your experience.

Overall Vape Pen Optimization

When it comes down to it, you need to shop smart. You need to look for a specific battery power of over 900mAH or higher. If it is one to use herbs, you will need one more of over 1200mAH if you want to have at least 10 or more 5 minute vaping sessions to last you on a full charge. Getting vape pens with digital OLED screens can be very beneficial, especially if you’re new, you may want to follow guides like this online and set the specific temperatures as directed. When it comes to more advanced vaping, you will here about ohms and other metrics like wattage and voltage which we will update you with our next blog post. Until then, we expect you to at least have a bit more knowledge to make a full-fledged decision on buying a new cheap vape pen online that is a high quality device. Even though we are recommending you to buy more than one vaporizer, over the long term, it will save you tons more money, trust us one this! Happy shopping and make sure you Google VaporizerChief.Com to shop at one of the best online retail outlets.

Invention Of Advanced Portable Herb Vapes

Over the years the popularity in new vaporizers and the best vape pens have given a big name for these medical heat generator devices which are used to vaporize marijuana. New vaporizers are always being created to better provide stronger results, quality vapor and filtration of all carcinogens. Back in 2006, new herbal vaporizer were constructed in hopes of great success of health, safety and purity, manufacturers accomplished this goal. Vaporizers for portability and on the go use were invented to better medicate individuals working or out all the time traveling. When vaporizers first came out they used power outlets and electricity and were desktop vaporizers and over time as technology advanced, the development of pen vaporizers hit the market as e-cigs became popular. It wouldn’t be for another 2 years before herbal vape pens were launched in 2008 and made headlines as the most convenient method of vaporization. These vape pens had conduction heating which is now an obsolete vaporization method. Closing in on 2012 we started to see the advancement of portable vaporizers as well as convection vaporization also known as anodized heating. Anodized heating is a vaporizer that uses the consumers inhalation to produce hot air within the chamber and to produce greater temperature. This was a cheap way to build convection vaporizers as fan-generated vaping was expensive and then the development of pen vaporizers with anodized heating was created. Anodized heating for vape pens has proven being effective and reliable heating for these devices. We will recommend a few anodized pen vaporizers to you that you may want to look into.

HipVap Vaporizer
The hipVap is a programmable temperature LED display allowing easily to reach from room temperature to 380 degrees Fahrenheit in under 60 seconds with a one-touch re-heat function and has a programmable auto-off function that provides safety ensuring it won’t stay heated on in case you forget to turn it off. The HipVap uses two 1700mAH 3.7V lithium Ion batteries which will give the user over 3 hours of continuous use. The HipVap has a temperature range temperature from 100 degrees to 430 degrees in under 60 seconds. It has two powerful batteries that give you a continuous use time of over 3 hours since it uses 3 powerful batteries. The HipVap vaporizer is the perfect portable vaporizer, its convection vaporizer heating uses oven-tech technology which doesn’t combust any of your dry herb materials.

This portable vaporizer the HipVap is a perfect example of an advanced portable vaporizer that was developed and launched toward the end of 2015 making it new vaporizer technology. When you can use this vaporizer’s technology, you’re provided with the best vaping technology to be able to use a high-class portable vaporizer like the HipVap makes this one of the best portable vaporizers to use.


Buying advanced vapor technology like the HipVap, it is important to understand the advancements in new vaporizer technology. One thing you always need to have is the convection heating, glass vapor path, OLED temperature display to switch the temperatures to a precise setting and having a very strong and durable battery that can give vaping sessions of over 3 hours of use so you can get the most out of this vaporizer.

Buying new portable vaporizers is something that will benefit you when you need a high quality portable vaporizer you could use anywhere on the go to precisely vaporizer your herbs anywhere you go with such a portable vaporizer like the HipVap/ For daily use on your herbal blends. Understand it is important to know that a good quality portable vaporizer will filter 95% of all carcinogens and increase the potency by over 85% will save you lots of money on spending less for your herbs.

The Best Weed Vaporizers On The Market

  • One weed vaporizer for sale is the same as all the others, right? Actually that couldn’t be more wrong. With the wide selection of electronic cigarette vaporizers & vaporizers available on the market sometimes it is hard for smokers to determine which ones are the best.

Among the best  weed vapes on the market is the Davinci Ascent. Its first selling point is that this is one vaporizer that is easily portable, perfect for busy smokers who never stop. The sleek style of these vaporizers mean that the trendiest smokers flock to this brand as opposed to many others. The Davinci Ascent can be purchased in black, a wood grain or, for the really adventurous, an alligator skin pattern. Aside from its looks this vaporizer also delights smokers everywhere because it can be used in conjunction with blends of oils and dry herbs, making for a truly blissful smoking experience. When a consumer purchases this weed vaporizer they are getting four glass stems, two of which are internal and two of which are for the mouthpiece of the cigarette. It also comes with two glass jars of oil and a straight water tool adapter. Smokers can transport it in a carrying case or satchel. As long as it is cleaned after every fifth or sixth use this vaporizer will last smokers for a long time to come.

The V2 Pro Series vaporizers are also some of the best on the market. Smokers can use it in conjunction with dry herbs, e-liquids and oils. Though the V2 Pro Series vaporizers are small enough to be easily portable smokers wouldn’t know it by using it because despite its small size it still has a long lasting battery life and enough space in the cartridges that smokers will feel like they are using a full sized weed vaporizer pen. Assembling one of these vaporizers is very easy to do because the pieces are magnetic and simply need to be snapped together.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes vs. E-Cigarette Starter Kits

First came the electronic starter kits.  Then came disposable electronic cigarettes.

What’s best?

In a nutshell, you should only buy a disposable electronic cigarette if you’re a first-time buyer and are uncertain whether you’ll stick with using an e-cig.

Another situation may be if you’re testing different electronic cigarette brands.

And yet another scenario to go with a disposable type is when you’re traveling.  Kits are a bit bulky with the charger and cords.  Moreover, you need to make sure you have access to a power source.  Disposable e-cigarettes are fantastic for traveling because of the convenience factor.

Otherwise, you should definitely buy an electronic cigarette starter kit.

Pros of disposable e-cigs

Cheaper than a starter kit for a single purchase.

If you’re testing different brands, buying different starter kits is cheaper than kits.

If you buy a disposable e-cig and don’t like it, you’re not out all that much money … at least not nearly as much as if you buy the starter kit.


I’m all for convenience, but I won’t buy only disposable electronic cigarettes.  I use a kit.  But, if money is no object for you and you don’t want to deal with charging and buying refills, you can’t beat the convenience of buying buckets of disposable electronic cigarettes.

Disposable e-cigs are ideal for traveling … even if you have a kit.  You don’t need to deal with recharging, finding power sources, etc.

Disposable e-cigs are ready-to-go out of the package.  Open and puff.

Pros of Starter Kits

Save money

In the long run if you’re a regular electronic cigarette user, kits will save you a lot of money because cartomizer refills cost much less than new disposable e-cigs.

  • Disposable e-cig 8 pack:  $74.99
  • Cartomizer refill 15 pack: $39.99

A cartomizer equals about 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes.  A disposable e-cig is about 2 packs.

  • Cost per 1 disposable e-cig:  $9.40 (about 2 packs of traditional cigarettes).
  • Cost per 2 cartomizers:  $2.67 (about 3 packs of traditional cigarettes).

Starter Kits are More Environmentally Friendly

There’s more waste to a disposable e-cig to that of a used-up cartomizer.

Convenient Re-Ordering

With cartomizers, you can join auto-ship programs with most e-cig brands (South Beach Smoke has an auto-ship plan). This way you don’t ever have to worry about ordering refills – they arrive to your door each month.

No clear answer … depends on your situation

There are definitely instances when the disposable option is best.  If your situation is one of the scenarios set out above under disposable pros, by all means order a disposable electronic cigarette.

Otherwise, in most cases a kit makes more sense primarily due to the savings.

2 Piece vs. 3 Piece Electronic Cigarettes – Pros of Each Type of E-Cig

My first electronic cigarette experience was a 3-piece e-cig from a family member.  I thought it was cool, but my first 2 thoughts were:

I wish I didn’t have to push down a button before and during the inhale; and

I wish I didn’t have to carry around a bottle of vapor juice and refill the e-cig all the time.

Of course I hadn’t stumbled upon the super convenient 2-piece cartomizer style electronic cigarettes.  When I discovered this type of e-cig I was sold.

The debate rages.  What’s better … 2 piece or 3 piece electronic cigarettes?

My preference by far are 2-piece e-cigarettes.  I’ll take convenience any day of the week.

I have friends who prefer the 3 piece e-cigs.  Why?  They like the vapor hit better.  They like buying vapor juice in bulk instead of cartomizers.

And so the debate goes on.

At the end of the day it’s a personal preference.  You may want to try both to see what you prefer.

Let me help by setting out the pros of both types of electronic cigarettes.

Pros of 2-Piece E-Cigs

  • Easier to use
  • More convenient
  • More popular – more brands to choose from
  • No separate vapor juice bottle to deal with
  • More puffs per refill (with 3 piece e-cigs you have to constantly add vapor juice)

Pros of 3-Piece E-Cigs

  • Vapor refill is cheaper because you buy it bulk
  • Some brands perform better than many 2-piece e-cigarettes
  • More eco-friendly (cartomizers for 2-piece e-cigs are wasteful)

What do I prefer?

I prefer a 2-piece electronic.  That’s just me.

Pro’s & Cons of the V2 E-Cig

As publisher of VaporBlogger, I take my job of reviewing electronic cigarettes seriously.  Since starting this blog, I was keen of getting my hands on V2 Cigs because I see them references all over the Web.

Anyway, I finally got around to ordering V2 Cigs starter kit and a few refills.

Nutshell V2 Cigs Review Conclusion:

It’s a good product.  There is nothing glaring that I don’t like about V2 Cigs.  It’s a smooth, robust inhale, sturdy e-cig and comes with a convenient box large enough that I could actually replace everything for storage and close the lid (kit packaging for other brands is too small).

Although V2 Cigs is a good product, it’s not my favorite e-cig.  This is my favorite brand (my review).

V2 Pros

  • Excellent flavor
  • Decent e-cigaratte quality
  • Packaging
  • Price

V2 Cons

  • Slight popping sound on the inhale.

V2 Review Specifics

The actual e-cigarette

Number of components

It’s a 2-piece that appears like a traditional cigarette.  It uses cartomizers that screw on smoothly.  The cartomizers are the filter portion of e-cig.


It’s fairly heavy which I like.  Some e-cigs are light, but I find they don’t perform as well.  V2 provides a weighty e-cig that feels sturdy and solid.

Air intake

I like that the air intake hole is located at the tip of the e-cig.  Some e-cigs have the air intake where the cartomizer attaches to the e-cig.  This is a nuisance because I constantly plug the air intake hole with my fingers.  The remainder of the time I have to be mindful of where I place my fingers … the last thing I want to do is be mindful of how I’m holding my e-cigarette.

Attachment quality

By attachment quality I’m not referring to my level of attachment to this particular e-cig.

Instead, I’m referring to how easily the cartomizer screws onto the main e-cig component.  It screws on very smoothly which to me is a sign of quality.


V2 Cigs performed well.

The inhale is fast (faster than Green Smoke).  The vapor is robust (not quite as robust as South Beach Smoke).  The exhale is smooth.

There was a very slight popping sound on the inhale (which is not the case with Green Smoke, South Beach and Eversmoke … but is the case with the Safe Cig).  It wasn’t bad enough for it to tarnish the vaping experience.  However, you should know about this.


I ordered several flavors of varying strengths.  I prefer the strongest flavors (1.8% nicotine).  However, in preparing my e-cig reviews, I like to try different strengths to test the quality across the different strengths.

One of the best attributes of V2 Cigs is the flavor.  The flavors are great.  Moreover, the different flavors are quite different, which I like.  It’s always a guessing game when ordering an e-cig brand for the first time what the various flavors will taste like.


Price is extremely reasonable.  You can get the economy kit for $52 USD, which is more than enough to get started.  I recommend starting with smaller kits because you may try a few brands until you settle on your preferred brand.

You can buy a couples kit, which is a fancy way of selling 2 kits for slightly less than buying them individually.

If you know that V2 Cigs is going to be your brand, opt for the V2 Standard Kit so you get 2 e-cigs.  It’s vital having 2 e-cigs so that you can vape while the other is charging.

Charging Mechanism

The charging mechanism is standard.  The wall charger has a larger box where the prongs are located.  I call the block style of charger.  This is okay.  I prefer South Beach’s method of actually having a cord extend off the box.  This results in taking up less room on a power bar or outlet.

Charging went off without a hitch (it came charged which I always like … who wants to wait)?

It also comes with a USB charger.  I tend to use only the wall charger because I have my e-cig wall chargers permanently plugged into my dedicated e-cig power bar.


With my starter kit I received a 15% discount card for my next purchase, which I appreciated.


I rate V2 Cigs the same as Green Smoke.  Both are high quality with great flavor.