Should Governments and Anti-Smoking Organizations Contribute to E-Cig Research?

Yes, governments and anti-smoking organizations should fund e-cig research and this post explains why.  However, instead of taking the position “hey, e-cigs could be the answer to the deadly smoking problem” the response often is “we don’t know whether they’re safe or not, so let’s ban them or promote abstinence.”

I understand we don’t know everything about e-cigs such as whether they are safe or harmful, and if harmful, how harmful.  However, I don’t see anyone proposing that they’re more harmful than real cigarettes (again, there’s still no evidence on this one way or another, but I haven’t read any evidence that e-cigs are more harmful than real cigarettes).  Therefore, if the chances are really good that e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes, isn’t this a good reason for investing in research?

The following are examples of the backlash against e-cigarettes:

  • States proposing (or kicking around the idea) to ban the sale of e-cigs via the Internet;
  • Antismoking groups being anti-ecigarette.  I appreciate their position against tobacco products; however, until there’s firm evidence about the safety/harm of e-cigarettes, I don’t think a position should be taken.  In fact, I think they should invest in more e-cig research.

I agree there is no conclusive evidence at this point about the safety/harm of e-cigs … both first-hand and second-hand vapor.  However, shouldn’t these organizations participate in the research?  After all, their mandate is to stop the harmful smoking of real cigarettes (not a bad mandate for public health policies).

But if it turns out that e-cigs are safe, e-cigs could well be a wonderful tool that governments and anti-smoking organizations can embrace to help promote their primary cause of stopping traditional smoking.  I see e-cigs as a potential tool that governments and organizations can embrace and promote if concluded to be safe (instead of taking a premature anti-electronic cigarette stance).

Here’s what’s known:

  • Real cigarettes are deadly.
  • Millions of people are switching to electronic cigarettes worldwide.
  • Many of those millions of people are grateful for the e-cigarette alternative to real cigarettes (including me).  Health issue aside, e-cigs are a viable alternative for many smokers.
  • E-cigarettes do deliver nicotine (but so do the gum and the patch).
  • E-cigarettes are enjoyable (at least for me and many other people) … they are a viable alternative to real cigarettes.

What’s it going to take?

  • It’s going to take more people switching to e-cigarettes from traditional cigarettes (hit a critical mass).
  • It’s going to take more research.

The results of extensive research will have a huge impact on the future of electronic cigarettes.

I appreciate that the damage real cigarettes caused to society over the years is causing what I believe is a premature backlash against e-cigs.

I understand that a non-smoker and non e-cig user who observes somebody vaping and exhaling vapor in public will think and may exclaim verbally “WTF?”  But, that’s the problem, isn’t it?  With more awareness and research about e-cigarettes, more non-vapor users will know that the person exhaling in a public place isn’t smoking a real cigarette, but is vaping. Of course, at this point, many non-vapors will say “we don’t know if second-hand vapor is harmful or not,” which is a valid point.

So, let’s get more research done on the safety issue.  It would be great if some serious funding could go into research. After all, e-cigs could prove to be an excellent solution to a major health problem.  I too would be interested in more conclusive studies … after all I vape.  I vape because I loved smoking but prefer to use tobaccoless nicotine delivery systems … and frankly the e-cig is one of the most enjoyable nicotine delivery systems I’ve used.

What if it turns out E-cigs are harmful?

This is what I fear … not so much for my health, but that they are minimally harmful.  The slightest harm finding will increase the backlash.

What should be carefully looked into and considered with respect to public policy is how harmful?  After all french fries are harmful.  Donuts are harmful.  Cleaning with chemical cleaners is harmful.  Breathing air where combustible engine vehicles run is harmful.  Breathing air in urban and industrial locations is harmful.  Our lives are fraught with harm and exposure to harm.

Therefore, research of e-cigarettes must examine the degree of harm (if it turns out they are harmful).  It is then a cost/benefit decision for each user.

I also hope extensive research is conducted about any potential harm of second-hand vapor from e-cigs. But I fear that if there’s even a miniscule toxicity to second-hand vape that e-cigs will be banned everywhere.  Even if they’re much less harmful than combustible vehicle exhaust, traditional second-hand smoke, and our air in general.

Promoting abstinence doesn’t work

In a perfect world, all smokers would wake up one day and quit.  They wouldn’t chew nicotine gum, apply the patch or puff an electronic cigarette.  I agree, if nicotine addiction ended overnight, that would be great.

But this is not going to happen.  Just like people who aren’t ready for having a baby are going to abstain from having sex.  It’s not going to happen.

Abstinence positions are moral impositions and the imposed pursuit of perfection, which reminds me of the saying “perfection is the enemy of the good.”  Besides, let’s not forget about how enjoyable an e-cig is.  I love vaping, and if e-cigs are minimally harmful, I’ll still use them.  Just like I eat the occassional donut.

Should E-Cigs be banned in confined public places?

I hate to admit it, but probably they should be until there’s conclusive evidence that second-hand e-cig vapor is harmless.  Banning e-cig use similarly to tobacco products isn’t unreasonable while the research is inconclusive.  I’m pro e-cig, but there’s no reason to put the public at risk until more is known.

That said, if it turns out e-cig second-hand vapor is minimally toxic … much less than many other toxins we’re exposed to daily, it’s a judgment call whether to ban them everywhere.  We’ll have to wait and see for the research.

Nicotine addiction and smoking in general should not be a moral issue

I hate it that smoking and all things nicotine-related is often perceived as a moral issue.  It’s not.  It’s a public health issue, whose policies should be based on fact.  Morality and public policy do mix.  Yes, establishing values such as “a healthy population is good” is a good policy.  Another good policy is the pursuit of reducing/eliminating harm.  These are good values because they promote life.  However, these values must be balanced with personal freedom and liberty.  If someone enjoys smoking or vaping, good for them if they do it where it doesn’t harm others.  Smoking and vaping are not moral issues.  It never was.  It never should have become one.

What’s my point of bring morality into this article?

I fear that part of the reason more research isn’t funded by governments and anti-smoking organizations is in-part due to e-cigarette use being a moral issue.  The number of smokers and e-cig users is a minority of the population.  Many non-smokers and non-vapors view vaping and smoking as immoral (which is too bad).  Therefore, governments and anti-smoking groups may not want to wade into research because of this.

I have no evidence this (morality hampering e-cig research) is the case, but things get muddled when morality is part of the equation.  True motives are difficult to discern.  It’s easy (but illogical) to take a moral stance on issues instead of looking at a decision purely on the facts and using logic.

To me, logic and the facts dictate that society would be well-served with more safe (or safer) smoking alternatives.  If e-cigarettes prove to be safe (or much less harmful than real cigarettes), they will be a terrific alternative for smokers that will reduce overall harm.  And it’s this possibility that leads me to my view that non e-cig industry companies should also fund research.  Besides, it never hurts to have research funded by a variety of sources, each with their own overarching objectives.

The Best Weed Vaporizers On The Market

One weed vaporizer is the same as all the others, right? Actually that couldn’t be more wrong. With the wide selection of electronic cigarette vaporizers & vaporizers available on the market sometimes it is hard for smokers to determine which ones are the best.

Among the best  weed vapes on the market is the Davinci Ascent. Its first selling point is that this is one vaporizer that is easily portable, perfect for busy smokers who never stop. The sleek style of these vaporizers mean that the trendiest smokers flock to this brand as opposed to many others. The Davinci Ascent can be purchased in black, a wood grain or, for the really adventurous, an alligator skin pattern. Aside from its looks this vaporizer also delights smokers everywhere because it can be used in conjunction with blends of oils and dry herbs, making for a truly blissful smoking experience. When a consumer purchases this weed vaporizer they are getting four glass stems, two of which are internal and two of which are for the mouthpiece of the cigarette. It also comes with two glass jars of oil and a straight water tool adapter. Smokers can transport it in a carrying case or satchel. As long as it is cleaned after every fifth or sixth use this vaporizer will last smokers for a long time to come.

The V2 Pro Series vaporizers are also some of the best on the market. Smokers can use it in conjunction with dry herbs, e-liquids and oils. Though the V2 Pro Series vaporizers are small enough to be easily portable smokers wouldn’t know it by using it because despite its small size it still has a long lasting battery life and enough space in the cartridges that smokers will feel like they are using a full sized weed vaporizer pen. Assembling one of these vaporizers is very easy to do because the pieces are magnetic and simply need to be snapped together.

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes vs. E-Cigarette Starter Kits

First came the electronic starter kits.  Then came disposable electronic cigarettes.

What’s best?

In a nutshell, you should only buy a disposable electronic cigarette if you’re a first-time buyer and are uncertain whether you’ll stick with using an e-cig.

Another situation may be if you’re testing different electronic cigarette brands.

And yet another scenario to go with a disposable type is when you’re traveling.  Kits are a bit bulky with the charger and cords.  Moreover, you need to make sure you have access to a power source.  Disposable e-cigarettes are fantastic for traveling because of the convenience factor.

Otherwise, you should definitely buy an electronic cigarette starter kit.

Pros of disposable e-cigs

Cheaper than a starter kit for a single purchase.

If you’re testing different brands, buying different starter kits is cheaper than kits.

If you buy a disposable e-cig and don’t like it, you’re not out all that much money … at least not nearly as much as if you buy the starter kit.


I’m all for convenience, but I won’t buy only disposable electronic cigarettes.  I use a kit.  But, if money is no object for you and you don’t want to deal with charging and buying refills, you can’t beat the convenience of buying buckets of disposable electronic cigarettes.

Disposable e-cigs are ideal for traveling … even if you have a kit.  You don’t need to deal with recharging, finding power sources, etc.

Disposable e-cigs are ready-to-go out of the package.  Open and puff.

Pros of Starter Kits

Save money

In the long run if you’re a regular electronic cigarette user, kits will save you a lot of money because cartomizer refills cost much less than new disposable e-cigs.

  • Disposable e-cig 8 pack:  $74.99
  • Cartomizer refill 15 pack: $39.99

A cartomizer equals about 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes.  A disposable e-cig is about 2 packs.

  • Cost per 1 disposable e-cig:  $9.40 (about 2 packs of traditional cigarettes).
  • Cost per 2 cartomizers:  $2.67 (about 3 packs of traditional cigarettes).

Starter Kits are More Environmentally Friendly

There’s more waste to a disposable e-cig to that of a used-up cartomizer.

Convenient Re-Ordering

With cartomizers, you can join auto-ship programs with most e-cig brands (South Beach Smoke has an auto-ship plan). This way you don’t ever have to worry about ordering refills – they arrive to your door each month.

No clear answer … depends on your situation

There are definitely instances when the disposable option is best.  If your situation is one of the scenarios set out above under disposable pros, by all means order a disposable electronic cigarette.

Otherwise, in most cases a kit makes more sense primarily due to the savings.

2 Piece vs. 3 Piece Electronic Cigarettes – Pros of Each Type of E-Cig

My first electronic cigarette experience was a 3-piece e-cig from a family member.  I thought it was cool, but my first 2 thoughts were:

I wish I didn’t have to push down a button before and during the inhale; and

I wish I didn’t have to carry around a bottle of vapor juice and refill the e-cig all the time.

Of course I hadn’t stumbled upon the super convenient 2-piece cartomizer style electronic cigarettes.  When I discovered this type of e-cig I was sold.

The debate rages.  What’s better … 2 piece or 3 piece electronic cigarettes?

My preference by far are 2-piece e-cigarettes.  I’ll take convenience any day of the week.

I have friends who prefer the 3 piece e-cigs.  Why?  They like the vapor hit better.  They like buying vapor juice in bulk instead of cartomizers.

And so the debate goes on.

At the end of the day it’s a personal preference.  You may want to try both to see what you prefer.

Let me help by setting out the pros of both types of electronic cigarettes.

Pros of 2-Piece E-Cigs

  • Easier to use
  • More convenient
  • More popular – more brands to choose from
  • No separate vapor juice bottle to deal with
  • More puffs per refill (with 3 piece e-cigs you have to constantly add vapor juice)

Pros of 3-Piece E-Cigs

  • Vapor refill is cheaper because you buy it bulk
  • Some brands perform better than many 2-piece e-cigarettes
  • More eco-friendly (cartomizers for 2-piece e-cigs are wasteful)

What do I prefer?

I prefer a 2-piece electronic.  That’s just me.

Pro’s & Cons of the V2 E-Cig

As publisher of VaporBlogger, I take my job of reviewing electronic cigarettes seriously.  Since starting this blog, I was keen of getting my hands on V2 Cigs because I see them references all over the Web.

Anyway, I finally got around to ordering V2 Cigs starter kit and a few refills.

Nutshell V2 Cigs Review Conclusion:

It’s a good product.  There is nothing glaring that I don’t like about V2 Cigs.  It’s a smooth, robust inhale, sturdy e-cig and comes with a convenient box large enough that I could actually replace everything for storage and close the lid (kit packaging for other brands is too small).

Although V2 Cigs is a good product, it’s not my favorite e-cig.  This is my favorite brand (my review).

V2 Pros

  • Excellent flavor
  • Decent e-cigaratte quality
  • Packaging
  • Price

V2 Cons

  • Slight popping sound on the inhale.

V2 Review Specifics

The actual e-cigarette

Number of components

It’s a 2-piece that appears like a traditional cigarette.  It uses cartomizers that screw on smoothly.  The cartomizers are the filter portion of e-cig.


It’s fairly heavy which I like.  Some e-cigs are light, but I find they don’t perform as well.  V2 provides a weighty e-cig that feels sturdy and solid.

Air intake

I like that the air intake hole is located at the tip of the e-cig.  Some e-cigs have the air intake where the cartomizer attaches to the e-cig.  This is a nuisance because I constantly plug the air intake hole with my fingers.  The remainder of the time I have to be mindful of where I place my fingers … the last thing I want to do is be mindful of how I’m holding my e-cigarette.

Attachment quality

By attachment quality I’m not referring to my level of attachment to this particular e-cig.

Instead, I’m referring to how easily the cartomizer screws onto the main e-cig component.  It screws on very smoothly which to me is a sign of quality.


V2 Cigs performed well.

The inhale is fast (faster than Green Smoke).  The vapor is robust (not quite as robust as South Beach Smoke).  The exhale is smooth.

There was a very slight popping sound on the inhale (which is not the case with Green Smoke, South Beach and Eversmoke … but is the case with the Safe Cig).  It wasn’t bad enough for it to tarnish the vaping experience.  However, you should know about this.


I ordered several flavors of varying strengths.  I prefer the strongest flavors (1.8% nicotine).  However, in preparing my e-cig reviews, I like to try different strengths to test the quality across the different strengths.

One of the best attributes of V2 Cigs is the flavor.  The flavors are great.  Moreover, the different flavors are quite different, which I like.  It’s always a guessing game when ordering an e-cig brand for the first time what the various flavors will taste like.


Price is extremely reasonable.  You can get the economy kit for $52 USD, which is more than enough to get started.  I recommend starting with smaller kits because you may try a few brands until you settle on your preferred brand.

You can buy a couples kit, which is a fancy way of selling 2 kits for slightly less than buying them individually.

If you know that V2 Cigs is going to be your brand, opt for the V2 Standard Kit so you get 2 e-cigs.  It’s vital having 2 e-cigs so that you can vape while the other is charging.

Charging Mechanism

The charging mechanism is standard.  The wall charger has a larger box where the prongs are located.  I call the block style of charger.  This is okay.  I prefer South Beach’s method of actually having a cord extend off the box.  This results in taking up less room on a power bar or outlet.

Charging went off without a hitch (it came charged which I always like … who wants to wait)?

It also comes with a USB charger.  I tend to use only the wall charger because I have my e-cig wall chargers permanently plugged into my dedicated e-cig power bar.


With my starter kit I received a 15% discount card for my next purchase, which I appreciated.


I rate V2 Cigs the same as Green Smoke.  Both are high quality with great flavor.